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English  |  Non-profits & Activism
Orange TV (or OTV) is government information of Orange County. Orange TV feature diverse programming about government services, activities, and issues of social life of Florida. The common OTV day schedule as for January 2011 was represented by the following programs: “To Serve and Protect”, “Today's Air Force”, “Army Newswatch”, “Pet Pals”, “Orange County Scrapbook”, “Downtown Orange County”, “Sport Zone”, “Saving a Species”, “Orange County Update”, “Connecting Neighbors & Neighborhoods”, “Central Florida Gardening”, “Central Florida Spotlight”, “Wellworks Fitness”, “Orange TV Infochannel”, “Hot Topics”, “Listening to Leaders”, “Wildlife Matters”, “Living Green”, “Waterways: Florida Keys”, “Green Works”, “Community Café”, “Orange County Update”, “Central Florida Gardening”, “F.O.C.U.S.” and “Notables”.

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