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Ukrainian  |  Music
OTV features the popular modern music, interactive entertainment and services, and hot news of the Ukrainian show-business, interesting musical programs: «OTV EVERYDAY» observes last showbiz news, reports from concert halls, releases of recording studios, news from festivals, ceremonies, exclusive interviews with musicians, producers, directors and details of personal lives of stars. «Sunday's News» features summaries of the most interesting, most cheerful and most important musical and cultural events for the week. «Bon Appetit» invites stars for a conversation to the fashionable restaurants. "Multysvit" is targeted on audiences aged from 5 to 15 years. The program contains elements of the fun game and introduces new cartoons and characters. "Kaleidoscope of wandering" is just a dream for those who plunged into the routine. However, when long-awaited vacation is finally reached, the question arises: "Where it is better to relax?" The program provides advices from those who've been in the country of your interest. «Free-time» is about interesting, active, and useful ways to spend the leisure time. “Musical Trip with Dazzel Dreams” journeys exotic countries and continents to acquaint viewers with a multifaceted culture, musical traditions and ethnic culture through modern electronic music ... and of course - the club's life.

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