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Maltese  |  Entertainment
Previously it was called Super One TV and now is simply ONE TV but remains in the ownership of the Labour Party. ONE TV began broadcasting in 1994 when it was owned by Rainbow Productions. They changed the name to One Productions Limited and had the mission statement of carrying on with the marathon job as was entrusted to them by the Malta Labour Party to provide programming with a universal appeal to those in the Maltese viewing audience. Along with educational programming viewers can be assured of plenty of entertaining productions as well as informative viewing that is high quality in content and of the best possible available in production. The award winning ONE TV claims back to back wins of the prestigious Television Station (of the year) awarded to them in 2006 as well as 2007 and is broadcasting from studios found in Marsa. May Day celebration was held on the first day of May in 1997 and that was when their Outside Broadcast Unit was first put into use and attended by the Malta Labour Party in celebration of its launching.

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