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OCTT Channel 16

English  |  Non-profits & Activism
Local programming that covers informative and interesting topics that local residents wish to watch is what local community television is all about and the District of Columbia has an excellent example in their OCTT found on local cable channel 16. When Mayor Vincent Gray hosts his weekly press briefing the media representatives have an opportunity to ask questions of his Honor on a wide variety of topics and pass on that vital information to the viewing audience. Subjects such as how government is being handled in the District. Look for a special series running on how the various local government agencies run including what their mission is in addition to services and other programs relevant to the DC area. Cable Talk provides exciting and informative television about television itself and how it has evolved with the power of cable being so relevant to what is happening locally today. Look for technical experts as well as customer service reps to answer some question posed by local residents and providing the latest in what it takes to bring you what you wish to view, through video on demand. Observe some of the residents who make a difference in the community.

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