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English  |  Non-profits & Activism
You have to be really old to remember when Spiro Agnew characterized American intellectuals as “an effete corps of impudent snobs”—a mouthful in any age, but pretty accurate despite its prolixity. In those days, the impudent snobs urged, “Kill your TV!” Today, the snobs’ grandchildren have commuted television’s death sentence, condemning it instead to life on arcane, esoteric web-enabled channels like OCTT, Channel 13. Think of OCTT, Channel 13, as the official wonk channel, at least as much as the several CSPAN networks. In fact, in the digital age, OCTT may put the “belt” in beltway, because, if it is on or about or even vaguely related to DC cable television, it is regulated or broadcast by OCTT. Name a Congressional committee, no mater how obscure, and you will find its proceedings on-demand on OCTT. On any random day, you will find everything from the Committee on Human Services to hearings on Government Operations and the Environment. OCTT also manages the District’s educational channels, and it offers its own original programming. Tune in every week for programs designed to teach you all about visiting, living in, or working in the nation’s capital. OCTT empowers you to be as impudently snobbish as all your hardcore intellectual friends.

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