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Czech  |  Film & Animation
After the Czech television crisis ended in approximately a decade ago, television programming has continued moving forward in Czechoslovakia. Today one channel, 02, has continued to make advances and offers Czechs more than 70 channels from which to choose at affordable rates. Some of the channels currently offered include HBO, CNN, Joj, Joj Plus, STV1, Noah, Metropol TV, Disney, JimJam, Cartoon Network, and Nickelodean. There is a huge market for the service not only with set-top boxes and high quality locally connected services, but also over the internet for subscription viewing. While the number of subscribers was low in the last quarter of 2010, the addition of some popular channels should help the viewership numbers increase. The more subscribers are added to 02’s service, the better the pricing will become. Currently, the cost for subscribership of a basic package is about 650 CZK or about $38 US. 02 TV also offers internet connection and a reduced rate for combined television and data services for those who wish to take advantage of such an offer. 02 Info is the news arm of 02 TV and is dedicated to the promotion of national and international news stories.

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