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Nile TV International

English  |  News & Politics
Nile TV International is an Egyptian TV channel owned and funded by Government of Egypt. It’s operated by the Egyptian Radio and Television Union (ERTU) and serves as the part of Nile TV network dedicated to broadcast in foreign languages: primarily in English, French, and significantly lesser in Hebrew. Except the broadcasting on major part of Middle East via four satellites, Nile TV is also available across the globe as “Nile TV Live”, a web version of the channel. The mission of the Nile TV International is to represent cultural, economic, social and political events, achievements and issues of Arab world to the non-Arabic audience. The channel is also dedicated to promote tourism industry of Egypt on Middle East market and present the image of modern Egypt to the target audience. The channel programming policy is also concerning about women’s rights, democratic and corruption issues of Egyptian society. Nile TV International is also focused on discussions and analysis of the latest political events with the high-profiled guests in programs like: “Open to Question” and “Egypt Today”. Other programming of Nile TV International is represented by such the programs as “Panorama News”, “Business World”, “Front Line”, “Arab Affairs”, “Nile Cruise” and “Cairo Watch”.

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