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NRJ TV Paris

French  |  Music
NRJ TV Paris is the central channel of a French entertainment network NRJ. The channel covers main music events of Paris music community: shows, concerts, exclusive interviews with famous musicians, live events, etc. NRJ TV Paris is the part of "NRJ: Hit music only" radio and TV network. The channel provides lots of original programs, as follows: Live JT, Point Com, Ticket De La Semaine (Ticket of the Week), Les Prenoms En Musique (The First Names in Music), Le Grand Patron (The Big Boss), Les Arnaqueurs VIP VIP Hustlers), Paris C'est Fou (Paris Is Crazy), 12 Infos, Tellement Fashion Special Fashion Week, Les Dossiers De Tellement Vrai (The So Real Records), Tellement Chic (So Chic), Les Secrets De Yoake (The Secrets of Yoake), Trop La Peche, Teleachat, Et Toi Tu Manges Quoi? (And What Are You Eating?) and European Poker Tour. Besides the NRJ originals there are wide variety of syndicated television series: The Office, Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, etc.

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