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NHK World

English  |  News & Politics
NHK World is Japanese TV station targeted on international audiences and broadcasting predominantly in English language. NHK world schedule covers both political news and business news programming. Japan Broadcasting Corporation established “NHK World online” service to effectively compete similar international broadcasters such as DW-TV, RT, CNN, BBC world. NHK World live stream futures the same programs as the original TV channel and consist of the mix of news, sports and entertainment programs with strong emphasis on world economical and political news reportages. It is represented by NHK Newsline, anchor news program, which is airing every hour for 10-20 minutes. The NHK Newsline usually begins with Japan domestic news then cover news and events of Asia region, which followed by world news review. NHK Newsline is hosted by native English-speaking narrators to make the program more convenient to international viewers. For the same purpose all the video footages supplied with English subtitles and every measurement is mentioned in metric units only. Another news programs “Asia 7 Days” and “Japan 7 Days” bring retrospective analysis of the week events of Asia and Japan accordingly. Alongside with news programming NHK World features interview programs like “Professionals”, documentaries about successful persons succeeded in various field from organic farming to science. Business programming on NHK World represented by “J-Tech”, discovering the secrets behind the Japanese most advanced technologies helping business to be more efficient. Another business program, “Asia Biz Forecast” features latest Asia business news and trends, alongside with “Japan Biz Cast” covering a wide variety of Japanese-market products. Most famous rational-spirited and innovative persons are interviewed in “Business Legends” documentaries airing both in English and Japanese languages. Another documentaries “Asian Inspiration” and “NHK Special” follow lives of young people in Asian and wide variety of political, economical and social issues. There are also Art, Cooking, Fashion, Science, Popculture, Music and Travel related programs on NHK World live available to watch online.

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