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Maltese  |  Entertainment
A Maltese television station, NET TV is owned by the Nationalist Party and has a lot to offer viewers in and out of country. As with most TV channels in the area they offer general programming and specialized local viewing that is more of interests to the Maltese people. While there is a strong British influence, particularly in the language, programming is specifically aimed toward the Maltese people and their aim is to draw in more of the Maltese people who appreciate their type of programs. A wide variety of news as well as government based shows will be available through streaming on the internet or watched directly as they are aired locally. The Nationalist Party provides a wide variety of programs that will surely please each viewer no matter their age or area of residence because it can be sent to televisions as well as computers for viewing “on demand”. Look forward to much more to come from NET TV and know they will give the best that there is to offer their television viewers.

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