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NASA TV (also known as NASA Television) is the informational television channel of the U.S. space agency NASA streamed online. NASA TV features wide range of programs and documentaries. In the “Gallery” program NASA TV represents press conferences covering current agency’s events and documentaries about the important milestones of the American space program. “Education Hour” is designed for students and school groups. It broadcasts scientific information related to NASA research programs. “This Week @ NASA” briefly covers weekly events of NASA, both official and public. “Video File” provides more detailed information on space exploration events. It often follows by the “Gapfiller”, a very short program emphasizing mostly on current events. “In Their Own Words” program features predominantly astronauts’ interviews in 2 minutes format. “ISS Mission Commentary” airs as a commentary program carried by the Mission Control Center in Houston. You can watch live its original version on weekdays at 17 CET and repeats throughout the day. During the hour-long commentary live images and videos of the ISS crew at work are shown. “ISS Mission Commentary” features short films about outdoor activities or shuttle boarding missions, alongside with extracts from press conferences and videos of the previous crew. “Live Events” program broadcasts live press conferences, ceremonies and launches of Soyuz spacecraft, American space probes and other special events. “Shuttle missions live” starts several hours before the scheduled start of shuttle mission and ends some time after takeoff. The live transmission is being interrupted for press conferences only. “Space Shuttle Minute” is an another information program that covers three Space Shuttle Programs (Endeavour, Atlantis, Discovery) with the news and documentaries. “Space Shuttle Minute” is followed by the “Space Shuttle Status Report”.

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