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Greek  |  Entertainment
Consisting primarily of Greek programs such as dramas, comedies, entertainment shows, and current affairs Mega TV or simply called Mega has much to offer the viewing audience that can either watch in live time or stream from the website. First launched on November 20, 1989 Mega TV has grown and become a highly watched channel in the area, beating out the competition (ANT1) by a large margin. In 2005 Mega decided to change their slogan and it became “Megalicious”. The studios for Mega Channel are situated in Athens on Mesogeion Avenue. Among the more popular shows currently running are: Anatropi (Backfall) which is a talk show on current affairs. Mega Gegonota (Mega News) which provides daily news and featured Greek news and globally. WarZone Documentaries which include highly respected as well as award winning documentaries from around the world. Mega Weekend also known as Mega Savvatokyriako which provides morning programming for weekend viewers. This includes current affairs and sports highlights. Fifty-Fifty is a game show on weekend evenings hosted by Giorgos Liagas. There is always something well worth viewing on the Mega Channel viewers lovingly call their Mega TV.

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