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Thai  |  Entertainment
MAC TV was established in order to expand the Taiwan’s television services overseas by building an "Macro Network TV", providing live and on-demand Internet video (VOD) service: an integrated news channel. Now the station is available on web as MAC TV Live with a total of about 5,076 million people audience from 90 countries. That makes it the world's largest television network of the public sector. At the end of 2010, four major MACTV’s media outlet were integrated: "Macro TV", "Macro Network TV," "Macro Weekly News Network” and "Macro Broadcast" formed a modern day MAC TV. On 2009, MAC TV has organized the first Overseas Chinese Gold Award for Short Films and set up activities in the exclusive website to encourage young professionals to participate in the project. The contest has gathered 2,688,791 people across the globe. In 2010 the second prize of Overseas Chinese Gold Award was granted to encourage compatriots and leave the landmark in the cinema history.

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