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MSNBC is the news TV channel based in USA and broadcasting across the North America, UK and Middle East. The MSNBC name has been derived from the names of two merged news companies: Microsoft’s MSN and GE’s NBC, which is shown on the logo as MSNBC crossword. Start your day with “First Look”, a NBC's "Early Today" sister program hosted by Lynn Berry and get an insight into the world news by MSNBC today. Then watch MSNBC sports and “Morning Joe” MSNBC's morning news talk show by Joe Scarborough. Enjoy “MSNBC Live”, coast-to-coast breaking news with Contessa Brewer and Thomas Roberts. Immerse yourself into the world of macro economy with “The Dylan Ratigan Show” covering economy and money, “MSNBC Countdown” with major world business news and commentaries by Keith Olbermann, and “The Rachel Maddow Show” expressing political opinions acknowledged as a political progressivism. And, of course, the end of the day will be uncompleted without nightly MSNBC politic “The Last Word” by Lawrence O'Donnell. Despite of criticism and assertions of pro-Obama bias MSNBC ratings went high last time allowing MSNBC international growth. Although it does not broadcast directly in Europe and Asia, MSNBC Nightly News were in the lineup of CNBC Europe’s primetime until April 2010.

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