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Hungarian  |  Entertainment
Recent changes in control of public television in Hungary have allowed m1 and its sister channel (m1 HD, M2, m2 HD, as well as m3) to function mostly without interruption from the government and now have the option of public funding much the same as other media outlets in the area like Duna Televízió and Magyar Rádió. Known as Magyar Television the station has trademarked their initials, MTV. They now have an ongoing trademark infringement law suit involving America’s MTV (Music TV). Programming on m1 seems to vary according to who is in charge of the stations but they run BBC programming as well as Hungarian telenovelas and some Hungarian soap operas, including Szomszédok which is Neighbors in Hungarian. Panorama (foreign affairs television) and Ablak (Window) bring in viewers by the millions each week. Although not self sufficient m1 and the other Magyar stations manage to keep funding up so they can provide some excellent programs for their growing audience.

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