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French  |  Music
Ever since MTV began its long run back in the early 1980’s music television has been a popular branch of the medium. Labelle TV, transmitted from France, is available nearly world wide thanks to the internet and streaming directly to your computer or even an internet capable television set. The music is French, modern, and pleasing to the ear. Making music videos that can be viewed on the home TV or in many cafes and bars has become big business with their own awards given for tops in various categories such as direction, production, style, and visual arts. The competition helps keep the quality high while giving the contributors a way to compete, improve on their craft, and see who can be the best next time, just as the movie and music awards do. This way they are all winners and no particular losers. Labelle TV takes the viewer to the heart of music, French style with music contests, music clips, amateur singing contests, news, interviews, talk shows, music documentaries, music movies, concerts, and fashion tips.

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