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English  |  Non-profits & Activism
LLBN (or Loma Linda Broadcasting Network) is a Christian community TV station funded by volunteers and being broadcasted from Loma Linda, California, USA. LLBN declares itself to be an independent non-profit TV channel targeted on global religious and spiritual audiences with both the inspiring and traditional TV content. Besides the satellite broadcasting you can watch LLBA live in the Internet. The most well know LLBN’s programs are: Astronomy - The Hubble, The Bible And The Big Bang, Christian Connections, Church At Study, Crosstalk, Designs For Health, Discover Bible Series, Discover.Now, Drugs Close To Home, East Pasco Church, Esta Escrito, Flame Of Truth, For Better Or Worse, Gathering Place, Gathering Place Classic, Gospel Outreach, Healing Hope, Healthy, Wealthy & Wise, Heroes Of The Bible, Hey Everybody, Hope Train, In Christ Ministries, Intersections, Islam Reconsidered, Journey Of Hope, Joy Unlimited, Kansas Ave. Church, Ken Hart Sabbath School, Kingdom Living, Let's Visit, Life Unplugged, Lifestyle And Preventive Care, Lifestyle Magazine, Loma Linda 360, Loma Linda University Church Service, Open Home Open Bible, Open Window, Peace In The Storm, Plant A Seed, Practical Living, Righteousness By Faith, Searching For Answers, This Life, [email protected], Vespers, Windows Of Hope, Word Pictures.

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