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L.A. CityView 35

English  |  Arts, Science & Culture
L.A. CityView 35 (or City View Channel 35 Live) is government TV station of Los Angles, CA. The channel features lots of original programming. Each show features informative and at times, eye-opening dialogue, as hosts Bob & Sharon Jimenez interview business leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals about doing business in Los Angeles. Show #16 – Iconic Oscar-winning cinematographer Haskell Wexler is 89 years old and still fighting for humane work hours for the crews working behind the scenes in Hollywood. Sharon Jimenez talks to the cinematographer behind “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” bout the order from the National Labor Board now forcing IATSE and Local 600 to hold a special election to let Wexler run for the National Executive Board of one of Hollywood’s most powerful unions. Can tax credits keep film and television production in LA? Bob Jimenez interviews Alan J. Bailey a tax credit expert and former Paramount executive about the business of making films in America when other countries are fighting for our industry. One of LA’s most famous clergymen talks about his work to try and save jobs at Homeboy Industries while launching Homeboy chips and salsa’s at local Ralph’s stores. Sharon Jimenez talks to Father Gregory Boyle about his ministry and his leadership of Homeboy Bakery and Homegirl Café. Valerie Martinez of the California High Speed train talks with Bob Jimenez about the long anticipated high-speed train to Northern California. When can we expect to ride? With top attorneys in LA making over $1,000 an hour, seeking the best legal advice doesn’t come cheap. Sharon Jimenez talks to Latham Watkins’ David W. Fleming about the high cost of legal services. Bob Jimenez meets up with the Everychild Foundation’s Jacqueline Caster as the two discuss how the women’s charity picks one group a year to award a one million dollar grant. Which local charity is likely to get the big check this year? “Notorious” - In this edition of Portfolio, viewers will take a peek into the "Notorious" history of the Port of Los Angeles. Viewers will be acquainted with a couple of legendary figures who resided at the Terminal Island Prison, meet a prominent resident who was a woman far ahead of her time and then experience the roar and excitement of prohibited drag racing. There is more to the Port of Los Angeles than meets the eye, tune in to “Portfolio” on Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. on Channel 35. CONNIE MARTINSON TALKS BOOKS, Journalist Tim Johnson's “Tragedy in Crimson” examines the precarious relationship between China and the Tibetan community, and profiles a culture that is vanishing under the weight of a much more dominant one. Johnson treks to nomadic settlements in Tibet to speak with its people, and travels alongside the Dalai Lama in his campaigns for Tibetan sovereignty. At the age of 53, John Kralik's life was in crisis – a failing law firm, another failed relationship, growing distance from his children, etc. – everything seemed to be slipping from his grip. Then one day while out on a walk, he decided to quit moping and start being grateful for what he had. What followed was a one-year self-improvement challenge to send one thank you a day to the people in his past and present who've affected his life. “365 Thank Yous” chronicles Kralik's yearlong project and his inspirational journey of self-discovery and personal growth. “Between a Rock and a Hot Place” is author/screenwriter Tracey Johnson's hilarious and brutally honest appraisal of life at 50. Chockfull of sound advice and sobering realizations for women at the half-century mark, this book doesn't sugarcoat the obvious: you're growing old – accept it, make the most of it, and plan accordingly.

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