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Kurdish  |  Entertainment
Iraqis living in Kurdistan or areas surrounding know they can find entertaining programming on Kurdsat any time they want. It’s broadcast via satellite so reception is excellent and the quality of the programming offered is second to none in the area and can be viewed nearly anywhere on the planet, thanks to the capability of satellite beamed efficiency. Entertainment, soap operas, shopping channels, up to the minute weather programming, shows designed for children, movies, music, and sports are all found on Kurdsat, because that’s where it’s at! News and educational programming can benefit those who want to be better informed. And with satellite broadcasting and its live streaming capability the show never needs to end and goes on around the clock for viewers who have different time schedules. Now you can even follow the happenings through Facebook and Twitter. Those who happen to have family serving in the Iraq Afghanistan or Iran areas can find out what the weather is like near to where their loved one is stationed. Most programming is conducted in several languages and subtitles can make it far easier to know what’s going on. Make Kurdsat TV your place for entertaining television.

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