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Greek  |  Sports
When ever we have access to television through live streaming it is to be appreciated! With that capability the world is opened up for viewers who can then decide when they want to watch and what they want to see. Kontra, the foremost television provider in Greece offers much in the way of programming and that means if you are a sports enthusiast there will be opportunities for you to find your favorite baseball game. And if you choose soccer as your sport of choice you can find those games as well, all on Kontra TV. Love to watch religious programming? Or how about musicals and movies? Let’s get entertained with variety shows and talent competitions. For those with more serious intentions you can follow along as discussions are made regarding anarchists and social struggles. Having the ability to hear how the unflinching and uncompromising anarchism of Greece is told by the very voices that are making it happen is a priceless gift brought to viewers by the miracle of television and especially live streaming it to the world.

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