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KCLV Channel 2

English  |  Non-profits & Activism
Although KCLV Channel 2 “Las Vegas” is the classical government access channel it provides quite interesting programming: Community Calendar, Classic Arts, Between the Lines, Las Vegas 360, Profile of a Pandemic, Earth Revealed, City Beat en Español, City, Cinema, In2Film, City Beat, The Habitable Planet, Unseen Life on Earth, Pequeño Empresa 2000, “Royal Wedding”, American Cinema, Las Vegas City Scene, Bridging World History, Power of Place, Water Ways, City Beat, Exploring the World of Music, Today’s Air Force, Facing Foreclosure, Army News Watch, Health District TV, SPRINGS Elemental, The American Veteran, The Road to Recovery, Small Business School, The Grill Sergeants, Homeowner Talk, NASA SCI Files, The Flood Channel, Health & Home, White House Chronicle, Fit for Duty, SHAMU TV, LVMPD Briefing Room, The American Veteran and NASA 360.

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