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A local government television station, KCCG 2 offers excellent coverage of most anything related to politics and local government business in Kansas City, Missouri. On demand video or live streaming is available to interested viewers who wish to keep up with events and local governmental business in the Kansas City, Missouri area from day to day. Look for intelligent and valuable programming like Ask Your Councilmember with hosts Russ Johnson and Beth Gottstein, Straight Talk With the Mayor covering such topics as crime, economic development, and light rail. Youth Beat is a program aimed toward the younger residents and covers such subject matter as the Royals and summer jobs. On Tap discusses smoke tests, weatherizing, and street scapes, also Nordic Wind power which is going to change how we power our lives. KCCG on channel two is produced by the Kansas City Communications Office and available to local cable subscribers in addition to live streaming and VOD or video on demand, which gives the option of choosing which of the many fine programs the viewer wishes to watch from city council meetings to special events related to the KC area.

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