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Intereconomia TV

Spanish  |  Business & Finance
Intereconomía TV is a news television channel owned and operated by Intereconomía Corporation. Intereconomía TV provides comprehensive coverage of global political, religious, economic, social and sports events in Spanish. Launched in July 2005, the TV channel often criticized for excessive promotion of western values to Spanish society. In addition to news programming, the Intereconomía TV’s schedule features some entertainment content. You can watch Disney movies and BBC documentaries in Spanish every weekday evening and two or three “A” rated films on weekends. As for news programming Intereconomía tries its best to issue newscasts adapted for most of the Spanish-speaking audiences: “+ Vivir” (Live Health Plus) with Manuel Torreiglesias; “El gato al agua”, a social policy program by by Antonio Jiménez; “Los Clones” (The Clones), a “mockery news” reality show; “Punto Pelota” (Ball Point), a sport newscast hosted by Josep Pedrerol; “Alguien tenía que decirlo” (Someone Had to Say) with Ramon Pi; “Más se perdió en Cuba” (Lost in Cuba), a social TV programm which airs every Saturday and presented by Xavier Horcajo; “España en la memoria “Spain in the Memory”, the historical documentaries about the Spain, narrated by Alfonso Arteseros; “Lágrimas en la lluvia” (Rain of Tears), with Juan Manuel de Prada; “Hoy es sábado” (Today is Saturday), a weekly news program presented by Susana Criado; “Bertiniños”, a child-targeted program, hosted by Bertin Osborne; “Primerizos” (First Program), a parenting informational program, presented by Carolina Ferre; “Con un par de bigotes” (The Pair of Whiskers), a sport news program presented by Siro Lopez and Inaki Cano; “El Telediario de Intereconomía” (The Information Intereconomia), a newscast hosted by Pilar García de la Granja, Jose Eduardo Garcia Serrano and Javier Esparza, which is being broadcasted everyday on 20:30 p.m.

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