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French  |  Film & Animation
IDF1 is the famous French TV channel dedicated to the family-oriented entertainment. The channel produced many TV series and reality shows as well as lots of movie translations and adaptations. Current programming on IDF1 is presented by: Jacky Journal of Today, Midi IDF1, You have talent!, ID 'Club, IDF1 Home, Hello Mr. Mayor, ID Travel, ID Clairvoyance, ID CASINO and ID Mag. The channel is available worldwide via satellite broadcasting and as IDF1 Live across the web. Almost every world-popular TV show appeared on IDF1: A Sweating, Bay Of Flamboyant, Between Justice And Revenge, Dangerous Liaisons, Deeply Monday, El Diablo, Fame, Fame L.A., First Kisses, Flipper, Girls Of The Cellar Master, God, Helen And The Boys, Island Detectives, Keeping Mum, La Bastide Blanche, Love's Holiday, Marina, Mark And Sophie, Masters Of Bread, Men Of Heart, Miss Navarro, Mister T, Parker Lewis Cannot Lose, Pat And Girls, Saved By The Bell, Sos 18, Summer Storms, Summer Storms, Storm Warning, The Beach Boys, The Brigade's Bravery, The Children's House, The G.R.E.C., The Group, The Guardian, The Miracle Of Love, The Mysteries Of Love, The New Adventures Of Skippy, The New Girls Next Door, The Story Of Life and Wind Harvest.

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