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House of Refuge

Spanish  |  Non-profits & Activism
The House of Refuge TV channel provides an excellent program of quality inspirational viewing for a wide audience that circles the globe. With an intrepid line up of shows including Celebration of Gospel and Meet the Browns there is always something on this TV channel worth watching. Reruns of such fine programming as BET shows and the Grammy’s will remain popular each year as they become available as well. A House of Refuge is exactly what it sounds like, a place for people to come and seek out refuge or a safe haven. The television equivalent is found at House of Refuge TV and that means secure, safe, and clean programs that are available to be viewed by any one, and any age. As religion tends to play such an important part in many peoples lives, they can rejoice in having a truly inspiring television channel such as House of Refuge TV is. And being communicated in the Spanish language only makes it better and more vital to the millions who watch it daily.

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