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English  |  Non-profits & Activism
You have grown unbearably weary of unreal housewives in all geographies; you are frustrated because great new series run on USA for only eight weeks before they disappear with only vague promises they will return. You have watched every crime drama rerun on TNT…twice. And you have abandoned all hope of keeping up with any single Kardashian let alone all of them. You really weren’t all that interested in Bruce Jenner anyway. So, instead of watching television “ripped from the headlines,” why don’t you watch television that actually makes headlines? Why not run your fingers over the vital organs in the body politic? Spend a few hours with Michigan’s House of Representatives and State Senate, tuning in to “House Television,” more properly Michigan Government Television, or MGTV for short. Why Michigan? you naturally wonder. In fact, you have two serious reasons for dialling in to MGTV: First, it was one of the first state-owned and operated public-service channels in the nation and still is one of the most inclusive. Second, if you missed Eminem’s and Chrysler’s messages, MGTV will show you exactly how the beleaguered home of the auto industry aggressively is mounting a comeback. MGTV televises House and Senate committees, and it shows meetings of executive branch commissions, where the gears of government really grind. MGTV also broadcasts meetings of the state’s Board of Education, and it often airs programs from its prestigious universities—no stuff for lightweights. Best, MGTV is one of the few channels that airs oral arguments before the state’s Supreme Court, so that you can see some of the nation’s finest legal minds and some of its most prominent litigators doing their best work.

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