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His Channel

English  |  Non-profits & Activism
His Channel is an independent Christian TV station based in USA and dedicated to broadcast internationally. The channel has web version His Channel Live featuring the same programming as the terrestrial one: 6640 with Chuck Missler, Active Word hosted by Bob Coy, Always Good led by News Billy Graham, As We Gather directed by Bill Stonebaker, Back To Basics featuring Brian Brodersen, Behind The Mic hosted by Brother Dennis and Dennis Swick, Bible Study by Jack Hibbs, Billy Graham TV with Billy Graham, C.C. Montobello presented by Pancho Juarez, Calvary Gwinnett produced by Mark Byrd, Calvary Montebello with Poncho Warez, Chapter And Verse led by Mike Macintosh, College Of Theology with Craig Hawkins and the guests, Coral Ridge by D. James Kennedy and the Cornerstone hosted by John Hagee.

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