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Hernando Web Channel

English  |  Non-profits & Activism
Although it sounds like the premise and setting for a Saturday Night Live skit, the Hernando Web Channel and its complementary website number among the internet’s greatest wonders…and paradoxes. Hernando County, Florida, is home to only 130,000 people, and the median income hovers just above the poverty line. Donald Trump has almost as many live-in helpers as the city of Hernando, Florida, has residents. Yet the Hernando Web Channel broadcasts loud and clear twenty-four hours a day, rivalling the best, brightest, biggest, and most robust civic sites on the web. Of course, Hernando Web Channel airs all of the county’s regular board and commission meetings, taking viewers into the county’s corridors of power. More importantly, though, Hernando Web Channel produces some extremely high-quality original programming—especially its two newest programs, “Behind the Star” and “Understanding the Law.” Two of its most popular programs show the channel’s social conscience: “Healthy Hernando” addresses the whole spectrum of health and medical issues, and “Veterans’ Voice” deals with urgent concerns among the community’s veterans of all ages. Hernando may be hidden away along the east side of US Highway 98, but Hernando Web Channel gives the city and county a very big place o0n the net.

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