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HTV Hillsborough County

English  |  Non-profits & Activism
Brighthouse Networks provide quality local government and educational television viewing for many areas and none have more to offer than our own HTN channel 622. Look for such subjects as public transportation commission meetings, BOCC land use meetings, Metropolitan planning and organization meetings, zoning hearings, job related information and much more conveniently located on the daily schedule. Whether it’s breaking news or ground breakings that peak your interest you will find it on HTV here in Hillsborough County Florida. Government 101 helps teach how government actually works. There are now over fifty lessons on HTV that provide answers to questions posed by citizens who wish to learn more about their local government process. Look for and learn about dog parks, renter’s rights, chemical and electronic disposal and recycling, how to file for unemployment and find jobs, and transportation alternatives for senior citizens such as the Senior Sunshine Line. HTV is Hillsborough County’s award winning cable TV channel and is there to provide high quality programming for the citizens while operating 24/7, closed-captioned, with video on demand available.

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