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HSN (stands for Home Shopping Network) started in early 80’th with standard rotary phone system by Lowell 'Bud' Paxson and Roy Speer as the Home Shopping Club on cable channels Vision Cable and Group W Cable in Florida, USA. Since that times HSN rocket boomed into the modern based system operating nationwide with recently launched HSN2 satellite broadcasted version. homepage features HSN live represented here as HSN TV. Immerse yourself into the world of online shopping featuring fashion trended programs. Pick up yourself personal adornments while watching “HSN Jewelry” and stay in touch with world fashion in “HSN Fashion” be tech-updated with “ Electronics”. HSN hosts like Bobbi Ray Carter (formerly known as Bubblin' Bobbi Ray, a Broadway musical performer who enjoys riding motorcycles), Diana Perkovic (Canadian television personalities who is a big hockey fan), Helen Keaney (aka Helen Rosenthal, who is former member of "3 Blonde Moms") and Shannon Smith will guide you through all the products of HSN shopping network with the Guest product experts featuring Maven Huffman (American professional wrestler, better known as Maven on WWE), Carey Parker, Brandon and Bruce Singer. And, of course do not forget about your HSN coupons for existing customers and lucky chances to get HSN free shipping code while watching HSN live!

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