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Community served television is not a dream but is reality thanks to Grassroots Television and those who choose to keep it going and prospering. The viewers decide what should be televised and they are also the ones who help support and fund the concept of free speech and basic interests shared in the media of television. Grassroots TV proclaims itself to be the only free speech venue available in the Roaring Fork Valley area. Democracy Now is the first actual live broadcast to come from their studio which is an extremely busy station that has seen production of some eight hundred programs a year. Five full time staff members see to the daily operations and over the years many famous people have appeared on Grassroots Television. The list reads like a who’s who in world leaders and influential people. King Abdullah II of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, President Barack Obama, General Colin Powell (Secretary of State), Bob Shieffer (Reporter), and Glenn Frey and Willie Nelson (Musicians) are but a few well know people who have opinions they have shared with viewers on Grassroots Television.

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