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Golden Eagle Broadcasting (GEB) is a digital television channel based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. Golden Eagle Broadcasting (GEB) airs primarily Christian and family oriented programming. The channel aimed to became an inspirational teacher for those who believe in God and want to find the way to understand the Jesus Christ both by mind and by heart. GEB TV broadcasts via satellite and terrestrial services and is available online for the world audience as GEB TV Live. The most noticeable programs of the channel are the following: Battlefield of the Mind, with Joyce Meyer; Face to Face, presented by Dr. Mark Rutland; At Home, led by Arlene Williams; God's News: Behind the News; FLC, directed by Keith Moore; Adventures In Faith, hosted by Jerry Savelle; BelieversWay, directed by Scott and Missy Johnson; Enjoying Everyday Life, narrated by Joyce Meyer; Turning Point, produced by Dr. David Jeremiah and International Fellowship of Christian & Jews.

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