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France 24

English  |  News & Politics
France 24 is internationally broadcasted TV channel based in Paris, France. France 24 competing with five other world-known international broadcasters, like NHK World, BBC World News, Russia Today, Al Jazeera and Deutsche Welle. France 24 is funded by French Government and supported by European Commission as one of the most significant European news channels aimed on world audience. France 24 features both French- and English-language programming. French programming consists of ten topics. The first topic is “The Debates” including “The debate in France 24” , daily talk show about world news events which is led by Jean-Bernard Cadier and its Friday version “A week in the World” with the same host and his guests reviewing the international news events of the week. Next daily talk shows in “The Debates” topic are “Opinion” and “Policies” by Roselyne Febvre. The second topic on France 24 is “Continents” featuring “The Week in the Americas” hosted by Lea Salame, “The week in Asia” led by Helene Drouet, “The week in the Middle East” hosted by Meriem Amellal Lama, “The week in Europe” led by Judith Grimaldi, “The week in Africa” hosted by Vanessa Burggraf, “The week in France” led by Valerie Fayolle and animated program “The week in the Maghreb” by Aude Lechrist on Saturday. The third France 24’s topic is “Culture” divided into 3 programs “The Art of Living”, “Cultural Chronicles” (daily series observing literature, music, exhibitions, films and fashion) and daily talk show “Culture” hosted by Louise Dupont. “Sports” is the fourth topic on France 24 live. It is airing Monday to Friday at 6:15, Saturday at 23:10 and Sunday at 23:10 (GMT +1) “Economy” topic consists of “Exchange” news program, “Let Eco” economic chronicles and “Intelligence”, led by Ali Laïdi every Saturday. “Science & Environment” topic represented by 3 programs on France 24: “Health” hosted by Jennifer Knock on Sunday, “Environment” led by Jennifer Knock and “Technophile” with Jean-Bernard Cadier and Francis Pisani. “Europe” topic features programs: “Here in Europe”, hosted by Caroline Camaret, ‘Europe District” with Caroline Camaret and “Focus” airing twice a day from Monday to Friday. “Press Review” is the eighth topic on France 24 and it features “ The journal of the French press”, by Stanislas de Saint Hippolyte; “A review of the international press”, led by the same anchors and “The Journal News” on weekends with Judith Grimaldi. “Miscellaneous” topic features “On the Net” program, “Reporters” with Robert Philomé, “The Observer” (the program made loosely from amateur content) and “The Method” TV show every Thursday at 17:15 (GMT +1) English-language programming on France 24 consist mostly of adapted versions of French-language shows. But there are some differences: “The Debates” topic has Mark Owen’s hosted TV show “Face-off” and “Top Story”, daily show hosted by Robert Parsons. “Culture” topic is divided into two section called “Lifestyles” and “Culture” both led by Eve Jackson. “Business” topic is represented by “Markets” and “Business” by Raphael Kahane. “Science” topic features additional English-language program called “Future”.

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