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English  |  Business & Finance
One (1) among the family of Fox News networks, the Fox Business Network — or “FBN” as its fiercely loyal viewers refer to it—has emerged as the unofficially official network of laissez faire. To its credit, Fox Business News has assembled a distinguished cadre of uber-capitalist business luminaries, several of whom originally built their fan bases on CNN: Stuart Varney and Lou Dobbs, for example, became prominent as the premier business reporters in the very early days of twenty-four hour news programming. Now they are main Fox Business news anchors. Varney, schooled at The London School of Economics, numbers among a select few business analysts gifted with the ability to get it right, and many successful investors credit their success to Varney’s guidance. A Harvard alum, Dobbs has emerged as one of the nation’s leading authorities of the economic consequences of illegal immigration. An equally well-educated and beguilingly pretty staff of up-and-coming business reporters fills all twenty-four hours of Fox Business Network programming with breaking news and detailed micro-economic analysis. Not surprisingly, Fox Business Network specializes in reporting valuable investment information—the fuel that keeps Wall Street running in fifth gear; and many of its programs appeal to small business owners and entrepreneurs, who watch Fox Business news live to be updated with relevant and actual business information. With Fox Business news live you can watch first movements in the American market from 9.20a till 11a by “Varney & Company “. But if you are really “early bird”, you should start your day with Imus, Fox business simulcast of “Imus in the Morning” program hosted by Don Imus. If you need up to the minute business headlines in real-time, join “Fox Business live” in 11 am – 15 pm to see last 60-minute trading operations in the Wall Street stock exchange with “Countdown to the Closing Bell” hosted by Liz Claman. Complete your business day at 9 pm and “Follow the Money” with Eric Bolling in his same name program.

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