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Fox 9

English  |  News & Politics
FOX 9 TV channel also known as KMSP-TV “Twin Cities” is the FOX-owned news TV station with the history dating back to mid-1950. Now it is content-rich television channel broadcasting nationwide and accessible worldwide in Internet as “FOX 9 live”. Fox 9 News programming includes the series of newscasts: FOX9 Morning News, FOX9 Buzz and FOX at Five, FOX9 News Nine, FOX at 10 and FOX9 Sports Primetime. Alongside with the newscasts Fox 9 features carefully selected entertainment programming represented by such the popular shows as: Law and Order: SVU, Bonnie Hunt Show, Martha, Wendy Williams, Access Hollywood, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Judge Joe Brown, Judge Judy, Seinfeld, and The Office.

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