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English  |  News & Politics
Fox 5 news, or “WNYW Channel 5” is Fox-owned news channel transmitting over eastern United States and located in New York. Fox 5 NY is also available worldwide on satellite via DirecTV and in Internet as “Fox 5 live”. In 2008, Fox 5 began broadcasting their newscasts in HD. Now Fox 5 airs one of the America’s most popular programs "Fox 5 News at Ten" as New York's first and USA longest-running primetime newscast. It has recognizable and yet famous announcement: "It's 10:00 p.m. ... Do you know where your children are?" Also, The Fox 5 news channel carry early evening weekend newscasts, that are subject to delay or preemption due to sports coverage. Another popular Fox 5 program is "Good Day New York" which was added in 1988 and remains to be one of the loveliest news programs of New-Yorkers till now.

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