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Fashion TV

English  |  Howto & Style
Fashion TV (FTV) is international TV channel dedicated to fashion and trends. Founded in France in 1997 by Michel Adam Lizovski, Fashion TV has become one of the most popular satellite channels broadcasted all over the world. Fashion TV airs 24 hours a day and consist mostly the programs devoted to fashion and style. Watch Fashion TV live - it's 500 hours of new programs each year, 300 hours of fashion shows, and reports from the world’s most expensive parties. Watch live “Fashion TV Midnight Hot” TV program to be in sexy trend with erotic lingerie, swimwear and calendar shoots. Know everything about your favorite FTV models watching Fashion Models live. Keep yourself inspired watching freshest interviews with designers and Fashion TV models live in “First Face” TV program. Learn what will be hot tomorrow with “Fashion TV Trends and Tendances” . Let “FTV Hair and make-up” help you to look sexy and attractive. Meet famous fashion photographers on FTV’s same name program. Visit most celebs-liked bars and restaurants on “Fashion Bars”. Party hard with top FTV models on “Fashion Parties”. Be super hot with “Fashion Lingerie” TV program.

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