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English  |  News & Politics
Fox 11 News (also referred as KTTV, or Fox 11 LA, or Fox 11 Los Angeles) is News Corporation-owned television station serving Los Angeles metropolitan area. Founded in 1949 KTTV was developing as news dedicated TV channel finally purchased by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation and formed the basis for the new Fox television network in 1986. Fox 11 airs mostly local news during the week and one hour of then on weekends. The weekday broadcast of Fox 11News starts with “Fox 11 Morning News Early Edition” anchored by Jean Martirez. It is replaced by “Fox 11 Morning News” in 5 AM and another Fox 11 anchor Tony McEwing joins Jean Martirez to host it. Then, in 7 AM it is time for “Good Day L.A”, a high-ranked television talk show hosted by Jillian Reynolds (a former Canadian actress observing weather situation) , Steve Edwards (an icon of Los Angeles television, main GDLA anchor) and Dorothy Lucey (handling the entertainment reports). The “Good Day LA” followed by “Fox 11 News at 10 am” with Tony McEwing and Jean Martirez. The program lasts till 10:30 am and replaced by Fox 11 News at Noon and then Fox 11 Ten O'Clock News giving the full coverage of day news: business, entertainment, government, world, political, social and cultural.

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