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Extra channel 3

Greek  |  Entertainment
When television channels such as Greece’s own Extra Channel 3 began to live stream their programming to the world they opened up enormous possibilities for a wide and diverse audience. Their variety and scope of programming are appreciated by those who speak the Greek language as well as English speakers (when shows are closed captioned). Find music, movies, entertainment programming, and religious viewing throughout the day or even at night due to the live streaming capability. Viewers can choose when and what they view with the help of live streaming capability and channels like Extra channel 3 from Greece reap the benefits by gaining an entirely new and much more diverse audience of viewers because they can now be watched nearly around the world, and on a twenty four/seven basis. Greek owned channels such as the Extra channel 3 are a welcome addition to the schedules of many viewers due to seeing and hearing the shows they like spoken in their own language (with English translations or closed captioning available as well). Now is the time to watch what you want… when you choose to do it.

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