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Eska TV

Polish  |  Music
Eska TV is a music Polish TV channel also known as Eska TV Live, which is developed on Radio Eska platform by Group Radio Time (ESKA, ESKA ROCK, HIT FM, VOX, Wawa) and aimed at the young audience. Eska TV broadcasts music videos featuring on Radio Eska, alongside with famous artists’ interviews and fresh information about the events of world music industry. Eska TV programs hosted by well-known journalists from of the Radio Eska - Puoteck, Yankee, Adrian Harasim, Matthew Stajniak. There is a list of programs aired by Eska TV: Klipy na czasie (Music Clips of the Hour), Wazzzup, EskoBus, Eska PL, Dance Chart, Dzyń dzyń Chart (clang clang Chart), Web-Chart, Gorąca 20 (Hot 20), World List, ImprESKA, Poranny WF (Morning WF), Klipy non stop, (Music Clips Non-Stop), Backstage Party, Polska Noc (Polish night), Mulitpremier and ESKA Games.

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