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Spanish  |  Non-profits & Activism
The Hispanic community appreciates the high quality programming that is found on TBN Enlace (also called Enlace TBN) and it is made available to those who prefer to be entertained in the English language. Either represents the faith based viewing that is also relevant culturally for many of the Christian faith. Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) has long been the premiere channel to offer fine programming from preachers as Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyer, and Rod Parsley. Programs like talk shows and child friendly viewing can be found and most are derived from faith and inspirational sources. Notable churches further provide the type of programming Christians prefer and they include the Latin American church from Argentina, Claudio Friedzon along with Guillermo Maldonado from Guatemala. You can expect to see music videos and concert performances from singes famous around the world such as Raza for Christ, Jesus Adrian, and Jennifer Salinas. Much of this programming comes from Latin America and is free to viewers who can receive the channel and on the internet via streaming video.

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