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Emmanuel TV

English  |  Non-profits & Activism
As a Christian channel the Emmanuel TV selection of fine programming is favorable to the majority of residents in Nigeria and around the planet thanks to live broadcast capability via satellite. Children appreciate the inspiring cartoons like Froggy World where episodes like Baby Daze find a baby dropped off on a door step at “Whit’s End”. Children are encouraged to learn life lessons while being entertained through this exciting animation series. A strong adult oriented multi part series titled Standard for Life shows how valuable it is to choose serving the Lord because good things will happen to those who do. Another Ministry – Caring for the Elderly demonstrates how caring for those who need us can only benefit. Righteousness and charity are sometimes all it takes to insure life everlasting. TB Joshua provides captivating messages of light and life encouraging spiritual enlightenment. Witness the Prayer Line and see how inspiring the word of God truly is at the SCOAN every Sunday. Prophetic messages of revelation direction and instruction and much more are presented to the viewing audience each day.

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