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EastLink TV is the largest privately held Canadian television company which broadcasts in almost in all of the Canadian states and in web as EastLink TV live. EastLink TV everyday programming brigs you “Sportsland”, an one hour talk show observing world major sport events and hosted by Harv Stewart, Cecil Wright and Steve MacLean. Another popular EastLink program, the “Island View” features exclusive half-an-hour interviews hosted by Matt Beardsley. The “Eastlink Magazine” program provides a fresh look at the “persons and places” by Michael McDonald. For those who love to cook EastLink TV presents the “Welcome to My Kitchen” program featuring the easy and affordable receipts of full-course meals in 30 minutes with Joan McElman. “Fuelin' Around” is another 30 minutes call-in TV show dedicated to cars and everything around them. Steve Clapperton’s “Fishing with Friends” featuring stories and facts, hints, tips – anything you would like to know about fishing. “Swap Shop” is the kind of unique program on EastLink TV you can hardly find anywhere else – it features TV market which could be in help to find local “treasures” or even sell something you don’t need anymore. If you are truly enthusiast of natural health care “Au Natural” is the special program for you. Hosted by Dr. Lana McMurrer, ND and Dr. Kali Simmonds, the program will be in great help to you to figure out where are the truth and the lie hidden behind most critical health issues of our time.

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