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Deutsche Welle

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Deutsche Welle is the German based TV station broadcasts from the “Heart of Europe” as its slogan says. Watch live DW-TV ASIA + version of Deutsche Welle, which is airing predominantly English-language programs. Deutsche Welle programming is divided into eight major genres: Business, Cars and sports, Documentaries and features, Culture,Lifestyle and entertainment, News and politics, Talk show and Science. Business programs on Deutsche Welle presented by “Global 3000”, investigating globalization issues; and “Made In Germany”, TV magazine observing the world integration of German economy. “Cars and sports” section powered by “Drive It!”, automotive TV magazine; and the soccer-related program “Bundesliga Kick Off!”. Deutsche Welle also brings “Documentaries and features” like “In Focus” and “Germany 60 Years”. “Cultural” section of DW features “Arts.21”, an Art&Culture TV magazine; movies observing program “Kino”; and “Ideas for a Cooler World”, investigating Climate Change issues, “Lifestyle and entertainment” programming on DW-TV is represented by programs like “Faith Matters”, travel magazines “Hin & Weg” and “Discover Germany”; “Euromaxx”, an European lifestyle guide; health and wellness show “In Good Shape”; music program “popXport”; and “Typisch Deutsch” dedicated to all the aspects of living in Germany. “News and politics” is a “titlark” of Deutsche Welle featuring world famous interview program “People & Politics”; news TV magazine “European Journal”;and half-hour news program “Journal News”. DW-TV also airs “Quadriga”, the International Talk Show featuring in “Talk show” section. And, finally ‘Science” section represented by “Tomorrow Today” and “Projekt Zukunf” scientific TV magazines.

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