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Greek  |  News & Politics
Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC), also known as PiK, numbers among the world’s purest examples of broadcasting in the public interest. Carefully tailored to the needs and interests of its Cypriot viewers, both Greek and Turkish, CyBC has played a pivotal role in calming long-standing tensions between Cyprus’s two predominant ethnic groups. Offering intelligent, sensitive, balanced programming designed to promote tolerance and pluralism by showcasing the Republic’s distinctive culture and delivering both news and informational programming, CyBC has help to unify a once deeply divided nation. CyBC is a proud member of the Geneva-based European Broadcasting Union, and it is a founding shareholder in EuroNews, the EU’s distinctively European news network. CyBC operates two separate channels with complementary purposes: CyBC1 went on the air in the late 1950s, broadcasting predominantly Greek programming. CyBC1 continues airing news, popular dramas and comedies, and recent films mostly in Greek. CyBC2 supplements CyBC1 programming with more eclectic and inclusive programs in Greek, Turkish, and English. CyBC2 is Cyprus’s leading sports network and its prime provider of quality programming for children.

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