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Congreso TV

Spanish  |  News & Politics
Congreso TV is the official television channel of Congreso de la Republica del Peru. The channel features four major programs. The first one is the “Congress News”. It is abstract half-hour news and media reports of the Congreso workdays accomplished with the various institutional ordinary commissions, according to the daily agenda. It includes plenary sessions, the activities of the President, Board, speakers, and lectures, forums and hearings, etc. The second program is “Week in Congress”. It collects all the news of the Congreso week. Coverage comprises ordinary commissions, the activities of the President of Congress, members of the board, conferences, public hearings, forums and more. The third program is “The Parliamentary Agenda” which represents a kind of talk show the Congreso delegates speak about the work of parliament and the work done in its committees. The interviews take place in the main chamber and the Board Raúl Porras: Elsa Drive Iturriaga. The last program is the “Legislative Tertulia”. It is a conversation about issues related to Congress and congressional history and personalities of politics and culture. The program is being narrated by the leading historian and the director of the Museum of the Inquisition, Fernando Ayllon.

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