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Turkish  |  Film & Animation
Cine5 is a Turkish entertainment TV channel started in 1993 with subscription model. At the first time Cine5 was dedicated to broadcast movie content primarily, but later, in 2006 due to increasing competition, it enriched its programming with lots of series, documentaries, TV shows and reality shows. Due to fight its rivals Cine5 also declined the subscription model and now you can watch Cine5’s programming live in the Internet: Soner Olgun'la İyi Bayramlar (Soner Olgun Happy Holidays) showcases Turkey's most successful artists dominated the scene with a live performance. Serap Yenici ile Yıldızlar Gece Parlar (NIGHT STARS with Yenici'nin Sera) features musicologist Yenici'nin Sera and her guests with live performances. Yaşamdan Bir Yaprak (LIFE OF A LEAF) is the health program featuring two doctors, Dr. Scholar, and Dr. Abraham, telling you what’s right and what’s wrong for a child health. Önce Sağlık (FIRST HEALTH) is another health program on Cine5 reporting developments and problems in modern medicine, covering diagnostic and treatment methods, new approaches and aesthetic practices. Bon Appetit with Ozgur Ozkan Chef and his famous guests brings you lots of info about district markets, fisheries, butchers and supermarkets helping your daily purchases. Muhabbet PINARI features various topics every woman wants to hear about: women health, beauty, fashion, magazine titles as well as entertainment information. Aksiyon Fırtınası (STORM ACTION) covers world of action on a weekly basis with Begum Sürek. (Aşkın Koç'la Turizm Arenası) ASKIN KOÇ'LA ARENA TRAVEL is the weekly travelling program covering tourism sector news. ARTI DEĞER (VALUE PLUS) observes money markets, corporate news and newest technologies. CINE CINEMA is alive and dynamic program with Nurcan Bey and Murat Emir Eren featuring information about movies of the week and the discussions about the world of cinema events. Araba Takibi (CAR TRACKING) brings automotive news from the all corners of the world: the comparative test drives and the latest technologies of automobile industry MOVIES AND MUSIC program represents the place of Turkish in World Music arena. Dizi Magazin (SERIES MAGAZINE) is holding the pulse of the world TV shows to bring you freshest news about new series and actors. Portreler (PORTRAITS) covers arts, cinema, politics and sports. Aktüel TV (ACTUAL TV) cover all the interesting things happened on TV last week. So, don’t worry if you missed something during the week, just turn on the Aktüel TV to get it. Sıfır Noktası (ZERO POINT) is prepared and presented by Selahattin Yusuf and covers many fields of life: from arts to sports, from politics to popular culture. KİTABIN ORTASINDAN (THE MIDDLE OF THE BOOK) is the art & culture program with Cem Kucuk talking about both modern and classic books. Turkey, why not read enough books? ŞEHİR VE İNSAN (CITY AND HUMAN) with Burcu Keçecioğlu offers interesting stories about cities of the world: local governments, business, current events and developments, city festivals and fairs.

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