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English  |  Non-profits & Activism
WRXY is the Christian television channel in Florida. WRXY is the part of Christian Television Network aimed to bring positive Christian programming with unique, wholesome values into homes. Christian Television Network features predominately adult Christian programming in English, albeit there are some children programs: Adventures In Odyssey, Becky's Barn, Dr. Wonders Work-Shop, Joy Junction, Kids Like You, Sonshiny Day, The Lamp and Worship For Kids, as well as the programs for Spanish-speaking audience: Encuentro Con La Verdad, Es Para Ti, La Hora Del Milagro, Los Tiempo De Dios, Ministerios En Contacto, Poder En Jesus, Rosa De Saron and Un Paso De Fe. The rest of programming forms imposing list of hi-quality religious content: Alive, Fresh & Strong, Adrian Rodgers, Andrew Wommack - Gospel Truth, Back To Jerusalem, Beverly Exercise The Reppies, Bill Gouley, Bridges, Coffee Club Live, Cooking For Busy People, Cornerstone Hour, Crosstalk, Donkey Ollie, Door Of Hope, Encouraging Word, Force Of Faith, Gaither Homecoming Hour, Get In The Way, Giving Hope, Haring Life, Gospel Bill, Heart To Heart, Help For Hurting Women, Herman & Sharron, Homekeepers With Arthlene Rippy, In Touch With Charles Stanley, Inside Islam, Insight With Dr Larry Bates, Insights, Jack Van Impe, Jentzen Franklin, John Hagee Today, Joni & Friends, Joseph Prince, Joyce Meyer - Enjoying Everyday Life, Know The Cause With Doug Kaufman, Les Feldick Weekly, Life Source With Dr Charles Martin, Life Today With James Robison, Manna-Fest With Perry Stone, Marketplace Wisdom, Maximized Living, Mcgregor Baptist Church, Ministry Moments, Changing Your Reality, Patricia Hilliard Presents, Phil Driscoll, Prophecy Bible, Prophecy In The News, Pure Passion, Rejoice With Pastor Dayna, Restoration Time, Retro, Reza Safa, Rhema Praise, Scott Young With Hope, Seeds For Life, Stackelbeck On Terror, Subject Bible, Gaither Homecoming Hour, Teaching Ministry Of David T. Demola, The 700 Club With Pat Robertson, The Brody Files, The Good Life, The Great Awakening, The Messenger, The Place For Miracles - Your Hour Of Healing, Through The Bible With Les Feldick, Times Of Refreshing, Bloodstream, Tommy Bates, Totally Alive, Turning Point With Dr. David Jeremiah, Voice Of Faith, Walk On Water, Word Of Life Church, Worship With St Paul United Methodist, Wrxy Special, You And Me With Pastor Rishard Dorch, Your Health With Dr. Richard And Cindy Becker and Zola Levitt Presents.

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