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For the most up to date informative access to what’s happening in Cape Coral government watch channel 98 Cape TV. If you are interested in the activities at city council meetings you can watch any time you choose through “on demand” viewing. This method allows viewers to even get access to any meeting’s specific point and time line. Posted at end of week, the video recordings make it easy to watch what you choose when you choose to view it. Cape TV 98 is there for you twenty four hours a day and can even be accessed at the city’s official web site. Some specific programs of interest include “Dollars & Sense” which deals with finances and is hosted by Suzanne Lopez, “Economic Development” on economics with host Mike Jackson, or maybe your interest run to the “Parks & Recreation” dealing with local parks and hosted by Michelle Dean. If you’re interested in what’s up at the Cape Coral Police Department check out “Police Report” or “Public Safety First” with host Ellen Davis. There is always a lot to see on Cape TV 98.

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