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Spanish  |  News & Politics
Todo Noticias (or, “All News” in Spanish), also known by its acronym, Canal TN, is a television news channel owned and operated by “Grupo Clarin”, Argentina. Besides the Argentinean cable networks Canal TN is available in Internet as “Canal TN En Vivo”. Despite, the fact that the channel is officially on dedicated on covering of international news, it’s more focused on local news of Buenos Aires. Canal TN features following list of programs: “TN Deportivo”, the sports weekly summary with William Poggi, Sergio Gendler, Marcelo Fiasche, Emiliano Espinoza, Nicolas Singer, Juan Manuel Varela, Diego and Sergio Chiarito Ruscitti; “From the Plain”, the political debates program hosted by Joaquin Morales Sola; “Another Issue” with Santo Biasatti; “What They Said”, a political news and debates program, hosted by Marcelo Ernesto Tenembaum Zlotogwiazda; “A Two Voices”, a flagship Canal TN’s political program, hosted Marcelo Bonelli who interviews his guests, the Argentinean politics and businessmen; “Fair Play” with Nelson Castro; “Political code”, a debates program with Eduardo Van Der Kooy and Julio Blanck; “Has the word”, an interviews program with Lorena Maciel and Luis Otero and their guests, the Argentinean celebs of entertainment, music, politics and television industries. The other Canal TN’s programming include: “Collective Imagination” with Bebe Contepomi; “The Best Advertising in the World”, hosted by Mario Markic; “Without Stirrups” with Oscar Gomez Castanon. “TN Science”, presented by William Lobo; “TN Ecology”, with Sergio Eleguezábal; “On the road”, hosted by Mario Markic; “Techno TN”, with Federico Wiemeyer and Santiago do Rego; “Argentina to Build”, hosted by María Laura Santillán; “Turns and Off”, with Sergio Lapegüe and “National Agenda” with Osvaldo Bazán.

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